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To contribute empathic, responsible, inquisitive, and value-driven human capital to society

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Welcome to Cresco Academy! We are a pre-primary and primary school dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing environment for your child to learn, develop and grow. We believe that a quality education should include a well-rounded curriculum, inspiring teachers, and a supportive learning environment. Our teachers are passionate about inspiring a love of learning in our students. We recognize each student as an individual and tailor our lessons to their unique interests, abilities, and needs. Our curriculum includes a variety of fun and engaging activities including outdoor play, music, art, and exploring the natural environment. We strive to create a community of learners who support and motivate each other. We want our students to build a solid foundation that will prepare them for the future. At Cresco Academy, we are committed to fostering a lifetime of learning and exploration. We look forward to getting to know your family and helping your child reach their full potential!



Welcome to Cresco Academy

To contribute empathic, responsible, inquisitive, and value-driven human capital to society

Mission Statement:

To provide children an experiential environment where they learn to think and explore the possibilities of knowledge and realities of life to elevate the human values. The trained coaches at Cresco Academy walk with the child on the journey of self-exploration and self-development. With research-based practices and state of the art infrastructure, the School facilitates children to identify their potential and pursue their passion.

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